But First, Life | Success, Soul Searching and the Present

Picture Credits: Dream Diaries

Picture Credits: Dream Diaries

Twenty four hours in a day, eight thousand seven hundred and sixty in a year (add twenty four to that, thank you leap year) and we have everywhere to be but nowhere to truly go. We run from pillar to post in the quest for something meaningful, something that will define our legacy, that something that will come someday

But what about today?

The vast majority of my day consists of me poring over spreadsheets and summary financials, never quite slowing down to exist - not for the future, not for the reminiscence of the past, but for the present moment. As I climb every rung of the corporate ladder, I tend to forget that the journey is as important, if not more, than the destination. I hereby vow to rekindle the imagination that once existed during my childhood for creativity seeks inspiration and inspiration, albeit fleeting, catalyzes the process of carving your own path to success. Granted that our accomplishments on paper are important, but is success so one dimensional that we measure our true worth by our net worth? Why is it that we fail to look beyond the tangible aspects of an individual’s accomplishments?

So we tread along the tried and tested path, the road frequently traveled within our comfort zones, in search for the destination that will extricate our soul.  Seldom do we see the childlike wonder exist in the eyes of a grown adult, lest he look silly if he stops to smell the roses at the local florist or halt to merely inhale the bounty of fresh air that he is blessed with.

Slow down, tread along just the same but outside your comfort zone. Immerse yourself in the passions that summon your soul. What makes you smile? What liberates your soul? Extricate your thoughts, unleash your imagination and watch your world come alive.