Lights, Camera...Life

From the outside, our lives resemble the standard normal curve, where 95 percent of the time we exist between 2 standard deviations of self-confidence, oscillating in the residual 5 percent between self-appraisal and self-loathing. Yet in those deepest crevices of our being, we’re not as indifferent to criticism or as confident as we appear to be. In keeping up with appearances, we morph into our best salesmen and PR agents, silently broadcasting our filtered selves. 

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Work Life Balance

As we grow older, we replace “homework” with “work from home” and “self worth” with “net worth”. Our ability to stay connected has not only brought the world to our fingertips, but also our office emails and files into our bedrooms, blurring the line between work and life. This phenomenon is perhaps inevitable for we define ourselves by the work that we do.

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The Golden Mean

It’s often said that life begins at the end of our comfort zone yet when we recognize an unconventional opportunity, we choose instead, to tread the familiar path of the “golden mean.” Our friend Aristotle described it as the desirable middle between any two extremes. In essence, reaching a happy medium or more simply put: mediocrity.

When was the last time you heard your parents say “We’re so happy with how mediocre you have been this past year”? 

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